Our Commitment

Dr. Schwitz, Dr. Brown and Dr. Pinkus are committed to excellence in providing optimal care by protecting you from any kind of infectious disease during your visits to our office.

With health as our primary concern, we routinely use heat sterilization on all instruments. We also use disposable products whenever possible. Between each patient, all treatment surfaces are disinfected with the most effective and safe products available. All of our team members are trained in proper infection control procedures and have been vaccinated against the Hepatitis-B Virus and seasonal flus.

You will be pleased to know that we have chosen to use the most advanced orthodontic brackets that are available today. Please ask us to show you our bracket system, from 3M Unitek, in which each brace is sealed in its own tamper-evident package, with adhesive already applied, direct from the manufacturer.

Each package is opened only seconds before the braces are placed in the patient’s mouth, which ensures that every appliance is clean and sterile. The braces used in our office are never recycled and are designed for single use only.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of safety and comfort by meeting or exceeding national health standards. Our heat-sterilization system is tested each month by an independent laboratory to ensure the highest level of safety and effectiveness.

Our treatment area is a special place, where parents are always welcome to observe or to speak with the doctors and our highly skilled and experienced professional clinical team members.

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