Orthodontic Observation


Thank you for choosing our office for the orthodontic care of your child. We enjoyed meeting you and hope your visit was thorough, informative, and enjoyable.

Treatment Timing

One of the things that make our office special is our careful attention to the individual needs of each parent and child, especially when they make the important decision about when to start braces. You can be sure that Dr. Brown Dr. Pinkus and Dr. Schwitz will always answer this question with your son or daughter’s health in mind, the way they would for their own family.

Your Observation Visits

Our doctors will follow your youngster’s dental growth and development until orthodontic treatment is recommended. In this way, any future orthodontic treatment can be made more comfortable, timely, and effective. Your observation visits take place every six to 12 months and are complimentary.

Loss of Baby Teeth

It is important to keep these visits, even if it doesn’t appear that anything has changed or any baby teeth have been lost since the last visit. That could be an indication of underlying problems that may need to be addressed, or evaluated with a new panoramic X-ray. Serious problems, including impacted permanent teeth, may be avoided if you visit our office on a regular basis.

Concerns and Questions

Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns during the observation period. We are only a phone call away!

Thank you!

Once again, thank you for visiting our office. We look forward to providing an outstanding orthodontic experience for you and your child.

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