Getting Ready for Braces

How long will the braces visit take?

We have reserved 1½ hours for your visit with us to have our doctors place your braces. The visit will include all the latest orthodontic techniques, which will allow your braces to be placed during one trip to the office. Wires and elastics (multi-colored, if desired) will also be placed.

Does a parent have to be present for the entire visit?

Parents are always welcome in our clinical area at any time. Many parents choose to stay for a few minutes at the beginning of the visit, and then relax in our reception area.

Parents are also free to leave the office during this visit, but please return during the last 30 minutes for brushing instructions and helpful hints.

What else can be expected?

Orthodontics has come a long way. With all of the latest orthodontic technology, you will be surprised by how comfortable and easy it is to get braces.

Some discomfort may be experienced several hours after your braces are placed. Advil or Tylenol can be used and is usually most effective when taken three to four hours after braces are placed.

Diet and Oral Hygiene

A soft diet is recommended for the first two or three days in braces. After that, a normal diet can be resumed, with a few restrictions, which we will discuss with you.

Thorough brushing instructions will be reviewed after the braces are placed and you will receive a brushing kit, which includes all the tools you need to keep your teeth and braces clean.

By keeping your teeth sparkling clean during braces, you will earn extra points on your Prize Program card, and get closer to awesome prizes.

Helpful Hints

  • Arrive early and play a video game to relax
  • Be well rested
  • Have a healthy breakfast
  • For those with longer hair, you will be more comfortable if your hair is not in a ponytail
  • Smile, braces can be fun!

Our Goal: a smooth and comfortable visit

Dr. Schwitz, Dr. Brown, and Dr. Pinkus have worked hard to plan your braces visit to make it smooth, comfortable, and effective. We thank you in advance for arriving on time, because this will help everyone to have a successful and enjoyable visit.


You are on your way to a healthy bite and beautiful smile!

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