Biteplate Appliance

What is a biteplate?

A biteplate is a removable appliance, similar to a retainer, that is used to correct crossbites of the front teeth. A crossbite is when upper front teeth are biting behind the lower front teeth. Normally, upper teeth should bite in front of the lower teeth.

The biteplate has a plastic surface, which the back teeth bite on, and springs behind the upper teeth that push those teeth forward. By correcting crossbites at an early age, we will prevent future gum problems, create better smiles, and provide improved dental growth and development for your child.

When does the biteplate need to be worn?

Your biteplate must be worn 24 hours per day. It should be removed and placed into its case during any contact sports.

The appliance can be worn while eating. If you cannot eat with the biteplate in place, be sure to place it in its case. Be careful with your biteplate during meals at school, restaurants, and friends’ homes because this is when it can be easily lost.

What can be expected?

With full-time wear, most children will get used to the biteplate within a few days. Speech may be affected temporarily and some soreness of the teeth can be expected. Tylenol or Advil may be used, if needed. You will notice that the bite of the front teeth will improve during the first few months of wear.

How long will the biteplate be needed?

Given excellent cooperation, the biteplate will be needed for three to six months. The biteplate will be adjusted every six to eight weeks. Please bring your biteplate to each visit.

Helpful Hints

  • Keep your appliance clean by brushing it with your toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Retainer Brite or Efferdent may be used once per week, with cool water only.
  • Do not wrap your appliance in a napkin; it is likely to get thrown away.
  • Keep all pets away from your appliance; they may think it is food!
  • Don’t put the biteplate in your pocket — it may get broken.
  • The safest places for your biteplate is in your mouth or in its case.
  • Please take good care of your appliance; there is a replacement fee.

What happens afterward?

After correction of the crossbites, we will carefully follow your son or daughter’s dental growth and development with checkup visits every six to 12 months. There is no charge for these visits until further treatment is needed.


You are on your way to a healthy bite and a beautiful smile!

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