Meet the Team

Did you know that Dr. Schwitz’s staff has a combined 150 years of orthodontic knowledge and experience working together in our office? He is proud to have assembled and trained one of the most talented and dedicated orthodontic teams in the world.  We are very proud that 5 of our team members have devoted their careers to working at our office for more than 15 years!



Certified Dental Assistant / Registered Dental Assistant / Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Bridget has been a well-loved and invaluable member of Dr. Schwitz’s clinical team since 1988. At our office, Bridget demonstrates her exceptional work ethic every day and sincerely cares about the patients, the doctor, and the operations of the clinic. She has established a clinical organization system and is responsible for clinical supply ordering. Her passion for her career in the field of orthodontics is fueled by her love for beautiful smiles, straight teeth, and healthy bites!

Bridget’s favorite part of her job is working with the children and celebrating the end results of a beautiful smile. She finds it gratifying to have guided the patients through their orthodontic journey as their smiles blossom! 

Bridget’s husband Al, son Chad, and daughter Kassidie have all been patients of Dr. Schwitz. Bridget knows her family received the very best care during treatment and outstanding results. During her free time, Bridget enjoys spending time with her lovely grandchildren: Audrey, Brody, and Austin. These three little ones bring her so much joy. She also unwinds by taking walks and golfing!



Treatment Coordinator / Registered Dental Assistant / Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Michele joined Dr. Schwitz’s practice in 1993. As a member of Dr. Schwitz’s clinical team, Michele played an important role in the the training and development of many of the office's orthodontic assistants. Her passion for dentistry, commitment to excellence, and years of experience has been an asset to Dr. Schwitz’s training program and to the patients and their families.

Michele went through orthodontic treatment as an adult after seeing her children’s outstanding results at Dr. Schwitz’s office. In fact, Michele finds it most gratifying to guide all of Dr. Schwitz’s patients through their treatment. She enjoys talking and working with the children to help them achieve the most beautiful smiles!

When not at the office, Michele enjoys spending time with her husband Dirk, children Lauren and Michael, and her adorable grandson Tyler. Michele can often be found at the Jersey Shore, where she enjoys spending time at the beach with her friends!



Certified Dental Assistant / Registered Dental Assistant / Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Janet  joined Dr. Schwitz’s practice in 1996 as an orthodontic assistant. She is responsible for coordinating lab cases such as orthodontic appliances and retainers. She makes sure our patients’ lab work is completed in a timely fashion and ready for the patients’ appointments.

Janet gets the most enjoyment from seeing our patients’ self-esteem and confidence improve during treatment. She loves the one-to-one contact and relationships she builds during the patients’ visits. It’s the quality time she gets to spend with each of them that keeps Janet motivated, along with the fun atmosphere of the practice!

Janet also had braces with Dr. Schwitz, and when you see her she is always smiling!  As an adult who had braces, Janet can help our adult patients as they progress through their treatment.  Janet’s niece Rachel and daughter Cori had treatment with Dr. Schwitz as well.

In her free time, Janet enjoys traveling with her husband Jerry on fishing adventures!



Treatment Coordinator / Certified Dental Assistant / Registered Dental Assistant / Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Kim has been an important member of Team Schwitz since 1996. Her favorite part of her position at Dr. Schwitz’s practice is spending time with patients and parents, helping their treatment to get off to a good start, and making beautiful smiles.

You are likely to see Kim on your first visit to our office, where she will make sure your orthodontic experience starts off smoothly.  Her willingness to learn everything she can about orthodontics has made her an exceptionally well-rounded member of Team Schwitz. Not only is Kim an employee of Dr. Schwitz’s practice, she is also an established patient. Kim had orthodontic treatment as an adult and understands the importance of a lovely smile and healthy bite!

When not at work, Kim enjoys spending time with her family. She and her husband Kevin love the experience of raising their wonderful twins, Kasen and Kenna. Kim also keeps fit through exercise and enjoying outdoor activities.




Certified Dental Assistant / Registered Dental Assistant / Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Jodi began her journey with Dr. Schwitz as a child. Her orthodontic treatment plan was extensive, and included a palatal expander, headgear, extractions, and braces. Jodi’s desire to help others receive exceptional orthodontic care and outstanding results led to her career as an orthodontic assistant. Having been self-conscious about her smile before Dr. Schwitz treated her, Jodi understands the positive impact orthodontic treatment has on a patient’s confidence. She demonstrates caring empathy to the children she assists in treating and is committed to her work.  Jodi plays a very important role in the training and education of our office's clinical orthodontic assistants.

Jodi enjoys celebrating the day of brace removal with the patients. She loves seeing our patients become confident in their new and improved smiles and excited to share their beautiful smiles with the world! She also enjoys watching the children grow during the very exciting time of adolescence.

Not only was Jodi a patient of Dr. Schwitz, but her nephew and cousins are as well! Eventually, Jodi looks forward to bringing her son in when he is ready for treatment. Her free time is spent enjoying time with her husband Mike and son Michael. Jodi can be found on the beach at the beautiful Jersey Shore in the summer, and she unwinds by taking yoga throughout the year.



Business Assistant / Financial Coordinator

Jackie joined Dr. Schwitz’s practice in 2011 and quickly became an exceptional member of the business team. She utilizes her previous administrative assistant experience to benefit the patients and the practice. Jackie is happy to assist our families with insurance submission, account information, scheduling, and all behind-the-scenes responsibilities that create a terrific experience for our patients.

She finds it gratifying to work with families through the completion of their financial obligation and to work out flexible options to address individual needs. Jackie finds it easy to interact with the patients and their families because they are such friendly people to assist!

Jackie’s children, Tyler and Amanda, were patients of Dr. Schwitz, and that sparked her interest in the practice. Jackie found the environment to be especially enjoyable and appreciated the friendliness of the staff at each visit. She also found Dr. Schwitz to be a very talented and extremely well-trained orthodontist with a wonderful demeanor that her children enjoyed.

Jackie’s family brings her much joy. She spends as much free time as she can with her husband Steve, daughter Amanda, son Tyler, and cockapoo Reeses. You may find her out and about on the weekend, shopping and dining with friends and family!



Business Assistant / Insurance Coordinator

Debbie joined Dr. Schwitz’s practice in 2012. She brought with her many years of experience in customer service and insurance, and strives to provide our patients a welcoming environment. Debbie’s clerical and administrative experience along with her love of children is a great fit for Team Schwitz. Her fascination with the physics and mechanics of orthodontics led her to pursue a position with the practice.

She finds watching the transformation of our patients over the course of their treatment and seeing their confidence grow as they achieve beautiful results very gratifying. She also happily assists the patients and their parents with anything they need to make their experience a positive one.

Both Debbie and her son Bobby are patients of Dr. Schwitz. They understand and know first hand that Dr. Schwitz and his clinical team offer a level of skill and expertise that is unparalleled! 

In her free time, Debbie enjoys spending time with her family and watching her children grow into compassionate, caring, and confident members of the community. Debbie has volunteered as a Girl Scout leader for more than 15 years. She also enjoys vacationing with her family in Maine every summer, watching movies, playing Mah Jongg with friends, and visiting with her extended family.



Certified Dental Assistant / Registered Dental Assistant / Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Christina joined Team Schwitz in 2015, learned quickly and enthusiastically to become a valuable member of our clinical staff. She has found a career where she feels that she is making difference in the world every day. As a former orthodontic patient herself, she knows first-hand the value of a confident smile. She has a deep appreciation for being a part of our patients' journeys through orthodontic treatment and celebrating the excellent results with them.

Christina was born and raised in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, loves new experiences including time working in Alaska. She is an accomplished Ironman athlete as well as a Third Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo. She loves to travel and has visited 9 countries. Christina loves the outdoors, especially the mountains and is an avid hunter.

Christina enjoys spending time with her husband Christopher and son Michael and all of the adventures they have together. Being a great Mom to her growing family is a new adventure every day and her greatest joy.



Business Assistant/Technology Coordinator

In 2016, we had the pleasure of adding a new member to the business staff of Team Schwitz. Jessica brings with her a wealth of administrative and customer service experience as well as advanced computer skills that have quickly made her such an important part of our team. By joining our team at a time when the office was preparing to transition to a paperless system, she has shown herself to be a valuable asset to our team, our patients, and their families. She quickly mastered both the old and new updated computer systems all within a short period of time!

What Jessica enjoys most about our team is working for Dr. Schwitz, who leads by example to provide all of our patients a positive experience and excellent results. She also enjoys the team atmosphere where everyone in the office remains focused on our #1 priority - our patients!

Jessica is bringing her experience in the office full circle by recently becoming a patient herself and looks great with her own Glitz by Schwitz smile! If you want to know what it’s like to wear braces as an adult, just ask her on your next trip to the office.

In her spare time, she and her husband Dan love to travel and visit local beaches with their Golden Retriever, Finley. She also enjoys reading and scrapbooking.



Certified Dental Assistant / Registered Dental Assistant / Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Julie joined our clinical team in 2016 and very quickly made a very strong contribution with excellent clinical skills and a fantastic attitude. She was looking for a career where she could learn and grow in an environment where the support and encouragement of a true team would bring a unique opportunity. Julie hit the ground running and finds true reward in watching the growth of patients' confidence as their beautiful smiles emerge. She enjoys developing a rapport with our patients and their families. Julie contributes to the positive orthodontic experience that Team Schwitz is known for.

Did you know that Julie is a graduate of Manalapan High School and spent two years in the United States Marine Corps?

Julie enjoys spending her free time with her fiancé Stephen and their puppy Maya as well as with family and friends. When you see her smiling face in our clinical area she might look familiar-as she works side-by-side with her twin sister, Nikki!



Certified Dental Assistant/ Registered Dental Assistant / Certified Orthodontic Assistant

In 2017, Team Schwitz warmly welcomed Nikki as the newest member of our team. Nikki has a professional background in both general and cosmetic dentistry. She excelled during her very rigorous Team Schwitz clinical training program and very quickly made a strong contribution. She believes that everyone deserves to smile with confidence!

Nikki, a Manalapan High School graduate, is recently back in New Jersey after living in North Carolina and having her son Brody. She loves spending time with him and her family. She enjoys cooking and going to the gym.

Nikki enjoys watching our patients grow and progress in their treatment and offering her support and encouragement. She feels the greatest reward is seeing the excellent results and their confident smiles. When you see her smiling face, she may look familiar-her twin sister Julie is also a clinical assistant in our office!