Fluoride and Braces

Why is extra fluoride needed during braces?

Research has shown that regular, daily use of a prescription topical fluoride during orthodontic treatment can prevent permanent staining of the tooth enamel and reduce the occurrence of cavities. These permanent white spots may occur along the gumline of the front teeth and are usually not visible until the braces are removed. Prevent white spots by using Prevident and being a great brusher!

What fluoride do we recommend?

When orthodontic treatment begins, Dr. Schwitz provides a complimentary tube of Prevident 5000 Plus Booster made by Colgate. Available by prescription only, Prevident has the highest concentration of neutral sodium fluoride available for home use. It has five times the amount of fluoride of an over-the-counter toothpaste.

How should the Prevident be used?

At night, first brush with your regular over-the-counter paste. Then brush a second time with Prevident, once per day, at bedtime. Do not swallow the extra paste. Rinse lightly with water only after brushing. Use only a small amount of the Prevident, about the size of a pea.

With children under age 10, please monitor its use to make sure only a small amount is being used, and the mouth is rinsed thoroughly with water after brushing.

How do I get more Prevident?

For  your convenience, Prevident is available for purchase at our office.  We will also provide a prescription when treatment starts so you can obtain more Prevident at your pharmacy. If a new prescription is needed, please call us.

Can you get too much fluoride?

You cannot get too much topical fluoride, as long as it is not swallowed. Topical fluoride includes the fluoride from regular toothpaste, fluoride treatments at your family dentist, and prescription fluorides such as Prevident.

Please continue to receive topical fluoride treatments at your family dentist, if recommended, during braces. Topical fluoride strengthens the enamel and makes it more resistant to cavities and permanent stains.


You are on your way to a healthy bite and a beautiful smile!